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Can FAVI turn my campaign off?

FAVI reserves the right to restrict or suspend collaboration due to the following reasons:

  • If you provide information in the XML file that does not correspond to the information on your site, for example: if product availability is stated incorrectly, if the price given does not match the price on your shop’s website, if the product categories are incorrect or insufficiently named, if product pictures do not correspond to the product link, and so on. 
  • If the XML feed is not available for daily download and refresh from other IP addresses
  • If the invoices are not paid by their due date
  • If the services provided by your site are judged to be of bad quality. This can damage the reputation of FAVI, especially in regards to customer complaints.
  • If we don’t receive a response within 48 hours after the alert notification was sent. Alerts are sent out promptly upon the identification of the aforementioned problems, or if there are any other obstacles that are seen as having affected the quality of cooperation.