FAVI Extra - a reviews service that gives you a competitive advantage (03/2022)

Would you like to know how to attract more customers to buy your furniture and decorations online? Be part of our mission to improve your customers' experience when shopping for these products from home. Join FAVI Extra.

What is FAVI Extra?

FAVI Extra is a feature that will allow your shop to collect customer reviews of the products sold and the quality of services in your e-shop. The main goal of this service is to improve the customer experience and make customers feel more comfortable with buying furniture online.

Why are we introducing FAVI Extra?

According to a survey by APEK, up to 94 % of shoppers take user reviews into account when shopping online. Reviews are important to customers whether they are searching for furniture on the internet or shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

There is still a fear among our customers that they will not be able to choose the right sofa unless they can first sit on it for themselves. We'd like to change that and make it easier for our visitors to decide which product is right for them, even if they only see it online.

At FAVI, we have many customers who are looking for their dream product and form a concrete idea about it. For this reason, we would like to speed up their search and make it more pleasant for them to display product satisfaction from other users.

How are reviews collected?

The questionnaire will be sent directly to the customer’s email 10 days after the expected date of shipping the order (as specified within the transaction code).

Reviews will have two sections:

  • satisfaction with the specific purchased product 
  • satisfaction with the quality of the shop’s services 

First, the customer will see a simple review scale - with scores ranging from 1 - 5.

They will then be prompted to add more detail via a comment box, for greater insight into their overall experience.

How are reviews displayed?

Initially, reviews for the customer experience of your store will be used for internal purposes only, and will not be displayed publicly. By contrast, the specific product reviews will be displayed on FAVI once a sufficient amount of reviews have been collected. These rated products will gain credibility.


What are the benefits for shops?

More conversions

By connecting more deeply with the trusted FAVI brand, you will increase your conversions and sales overall, not only from visitors of FAVI.

Higher product position

The shops that join FAVI EXTRA will have an advantage over others in the position of their products in the FAVI catalogue, therefore improving their sales.

Better understanding

You will gain a better understanding of the experiences of your customers, and therefore be able to improve your services. Improving your services will eventually lead to better customer satisfaction, and better sales!

Greater reach

Well-rated products will be given preferential treatment when communicated through our marketing channels. This is extremely valuable: we have a strong brand, great reach on social media, and close relationships with top influencers.


How do you join the service?

The process is simple, and totally free of charge. We will use a unique FAVI pixel to track customer purchases made on your site, and later use this information to send customers the questionnaire asking for feedback.

To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. request your unique tracking ID directly from your account manager, or write to the cooperation email of your country,
  2. enable data sending by using the FAVI Pixel. You can set the code using the following options,
  3. inform your customers when sending an order that you are using Favi online, s.r.o. as a data processor for sending a questionnaire, evaluating feedback and analyzing the market environment. More information about extended terms and conditions can be found here,
  4. add the FAVI Extra icon to your website and improve the credibility and transparency of your online store.

If you have any questions about FAVI Extra or implementation, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or write to the cooperation email of your country.

You can find more useful information in the FAVI Extra help page