Basic information about XML feed


  • The XML file must be available online and secured with an HTTPS certificate in order to repeatedly download data and update the catalog (i.e., it must not report a 403 Forbidden error upon opening).

  • The XML feed must be accessible for download from multiple IP addresses.


  • The information provided within the XML feed must be compatible with your XML feed specification (Heureka/Zbozi, Google, Compari/Árukereső/Pazaruvaj, Ceneo or Jeftinije/Ceneje).

  • All provided information must be translated into the language of the country you are engaging with - for - Czech, for - Polish, etc.

  • It is not permitted to combine multiple XML feed specifications within a singular XML source. 

  • Product category is primary information required for products to be listed in the catalogue, therefore it must be as detailed as possible. 

  • Product without a category will not be uploaded.

  • Product images need to be submitted in adequate size and without any additional graphics. 


  • The URL links to the product page and product images must be valid (they shall not include any spaces or diacritics etc.) and they must be secured with an https certificate. 

  • Product can be removed from the campaign by removing it from the XML feed. 

  • Decreasing the number of products in the XML feed to 0 will not pause the campaign!


For more information regarding individual XML feed elements, proceed to the following article: Meanings and requirements for individual elements.