Basic information about XML feed

  • We accept the following formats: Heureka, Zbozi, Google, Ceneo, Compari, Árukereső.


  • Provided information must be compatible with the specific format that you are using.
  • The product category is the most important condition for inclusion in the catalogue. It must be as accurate and specific as possible.


  • A product without a category will not be added to catalogue.
  • Images must be appropriately sized and without additional graphics.


  • The URL to the product page and image must be valid and correctly formatted (no spaces or diacritics etc.).
  • The XML feed must be available for download from other IP addresses.


  • Removal of a product from the XML feed will result in its removal from the FAVI campaign. This is the only method of removing a product from the FAVI campaign.
  • Reducing the number of products in the XML feed to 0 will not pause the campaign.
For more information about individual elements, continue to the article: Meaning and requirements for individual elements.