Why aren't all of my products displayed in the catalogue, even though all of the information is correct?

The FAVI system is set up to display only unique products. Duplicate products (in your own portfolio, or competing products from other shops) are merged based on image similarity and only one of them is displayed in the catalogue.

The same applies to product variants with an identical product photo, where it is not clear that it is, for example, a different size. 

Usually, the variant which is visible in the catalogue is the product with the highest ranking.

Our system judges the ranking based on what is likely to be most suitable for the customer, and is based on quality factors and the CPC you set. Most typically, it will display the smallest, cheapest variant of the product (e.g. if a mattress is available in 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm, likely only the 140 cm mattress will be shown in the catalogue).