Help customers find your product with parameters (05/2022)

Did you know that many customers use filters to select goods to get to their dream product as quickly as possible? Come with us to see how to use the parameters in your XML feed to get better traffic, higher traceability and product scores.

Why send parameters?

In recent years, we've tried to rank products based on keywords from product names or labels. However, we did not always have enough information, so the classification was not as perfect as we would have liked. Currently sorting into filters will only take place if you send the parameter in a separate element. Here are the three main reasons why sending parameters is worthwhile:  


Better quality traffic

Thanks to parameters, customers will find products that meet their expectations faster. Customers who really want to purchase and are closer to conversion use filters. They already know what they are looking for.

Better visibility 

Parameters are one of the ways how to help sort products into category filters. Send as many parameters as you can. The more concretely you specify them, the more filters you can get.

Higher product score

Products that are included in the filters collect data faster, which affects the final product score (CTR, etc.) and as a result, their position in the catalog is higher.

General principles for parameters

  1. Do not send multiple parameter values unless they exactly match the product variant, see example (decor, other available dimensions and colors), the main image must correspond to the description and the given parameters.
  2. When creating parameters, it is not necessary to exactly copy the wording of our filters in categories. We will also merge slightly different naming if we receive it in this way from multiple partners.
  3. List units of measurement for numerical values (cm, mm, l, ..). 
  4. Each product should contain its own specification. Do not duplicate parameter values, see example.
  5. Parameter values such as yes x no are accepted, but values 0 x 1 are not.
  6. Send parameters as specificly as possible. Do not enter multiple values in multiple lines within one record.
  7. The parameters must be translated into the language of the given country.

Display of parameters on the product detail

We display the provided parameters in a table on the product detail. They start showing when you send 3 or more.

What do the parameters look like in different specifications?

Recommended parameters

When creating parameters, you can be directly inspired by the filters, which you will find for each category in the FAVI catalog in the left column.

You can also find a summary of recommended categories and more information in this presentation.


If you have any questions about sending parameters, please contact your account manager or write to our email.

You can also find more useful information in our FAVI Help page.