Guide to a successful e-shop at FAVI and bidding map (09/2022)

Thinking about the ideal campaign setup and how to get the most out of FAVI? Wondering what the right approach is to manage and optimize it? Find out the answer to these questions and more in our guide.

Guide to a successful e-shop at FAVI 

The whole process from registration, to improving results can be a breeze. We've prepared a document for you to keep handy at all times.

Thanks to the division into successive sections, the guide is suitable for both new e-shops and established ones. 

You will find information on: 

  • engaging a new shop
  • setting up a campaign 
  • getting better results on FAVI

Decision map for bidding

We often encounter that shops do not know how high to set the price per click. They prefer not to use this option or set the CPC incorrectly. If you too are unsure whether bidding makes sense in your case, explore our bidding decision map. 

It is possible that you may have other questions as you read through that are not answered in the documents. In such cases, please contact your account manager directly or through our email


You can also find more useful information in our FAVI Help page