Account settings

Billing information changes and invoiced currency changes


You can change your billing information and email address to send invoices by sending a request to your account manager or to general email

Invoices can be issued in the following currencies: CZK, EUR, PLN, RON, HUF, HRK.

Documents can be sent to one or more email addresses.





Change of your XML feed




You can change the XML feed address by sending a request to your account manager or to the general FAVI email address particular to your country.

Before sending, make sure that the submitted XML feed meets all the necessary elements according to the XML feed specification and is available for download from other IP addresses (It does not report a 403 Forbidden error when open it).



Change account accesses

Please contact your account manager if you need to edit accesses to the shop dashboard. He or she will also help you grant access to your administrators or agency. You can have multiple accesses linked to the same account. First, register a new user in the FAVI system. Then we can grant access.

Links for new user registrations are below: