Labels for products on FAVI

Product traceability on FAVI is one of the other key factors affecting campaign performance. Apart from category filters, the most used labels are:


In stock

Products that have the value 0, 1, 2 or 3 in DELIVERY_DATE or "in stock" in the availability element are marked as in stock in the catalog. favi_stitky_03


Free delivery

The free shipping label will appear on the product if one of the valid shipping options is listed with a price of 0. favi_stitky_02



Discounts for products are generated automatically by the system based on the stored history of the base price. If a price reduction occurs in the XML feed, the price of the product on FAVI is also reduced and the discount amount is calculated. Discount information is not taken from any special entry in the XML feed. favi_stitky_04