How does FAVI’s CSS program work?

After clicking on a product listed via FAVI in the Google Shopping campaign, the visitor is always led directly to the client’s (e-shop) website. When joining the program, the client is charged at the CPC rate which is set for the product on the FAVI shop dashboard. Standard UTM FAVI parameters are added as part of the redirection.

In general, if a particular product of the client is displayed on different CSS programs, these listings are not considered to be competitors and this will not increase their CPC in Google Shopping (unless they advertise in Google Shopping through another Google CSS partner). Including an offer across multiple partners should not disadvantage or endanger the advertising of the client’s products in Google Shopping. The advantage of displaying the product across multiple CSS programs is that there is a higher chance of the product being displayed in a Google Shopping search compared to the products of your competitors.

All active products from the FAVI catalog can be advertised in our CSS program. At the moment, it is not possible for the client to influence which products will be offered within the CSS program.

The traffic from this source is very low in comparison with the total traffic brought from the catalog (approx. 5 – 10 %). More detailed statistics (accesses, conversions, etc.) are therefore not presently available in the FAVI shop dashboard.

If you do not want to display your products in our CSS program, you can pause the display in your Merchant Center as follows:
1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
2. Click the tools wrench icon, then choose Shopping ads setup under “Tools.”
3. There you should be able to log out of the CSS of a specific partner (by unchecking the checkbox).