FAVI Extra add-on for Shoptet (04/2022)

Is your eshop running on the Shoptet platform and did you like the FAVI Extra service? We present an add-on that allows this service to be easily implemented.

What does the add-on allow?

Thanks to the add-on from Shoptet, you will be able to easily implement FAVI Extra just in a few clicks. You will get feedback from your customers on the services of the store and the products sold, which are listed in the FAVI search engine. Your products will also have an advantage over others in the position of their products in the FAVI catalogue and will be preferentially communicated through our marketing channels.

How to get the add-on?

To obtain and activate the add-on, you must go directly to the Shoptet administration. Then follow these steps: 

  • make sure you are logged in to your Shoptet e-shop where you want to install the add-on
  • click on the "Objednat doplněk" option on this page
  • after ordering, the button will change to "Přejít na nastavení doplňku" - by clicking on this button you will be automatically redirected to a page that will guide you through the settings

Another way to get to the settings is from the administration of your Shop: Propojení → Favi Extra

Where can I find the necessary data to activate?

The activation itself requires entering the e-shop domain, FAVI-TRACKING-ID and  Server-Side Token. You can get these parameters from your account manager at FAVI or write to our email.

You can also choose whether the customer should see in the cart the option to refuse to send the form.

What will happen after activating the add-on?

For the next few days, the service will run in so-called test mode so that we can verify that everything is set up correctly. Once the test mode is completed, we will send a confirmation that the setup was successful and add information to deploy the FAVI EXTRA icon on your website.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or write to our email.

You can also find more useful information in the help section about FAVI Extra.