FAVI Extra

About FAVI Extra

FAVI Extra is a simple solution that will help you collect user reviews on the products you sell and the overall quality of your e-shop. By introducing this new service, you will also support the position of your products in the FAVI catalog.

The main goal of this feature is to enrich the customer's experience when buying furniture and decorations online. At the same time, we believe that the shared experience in the form of reviews will not only inspire potential customers to make a purchase but will also be important feedback for improving the buying process as a whole. 

Setting up the service is really simple:

  • Request a unique code for implementation 
  • Implement the service in one of the 3 possible ways
  • Review and update the terms and conditions if necessary 
  • Add the FAVI EXTRA badge to your website

Benefits of joining FAVI EXTRA

  • By connecting more deeply with the FAVI brand, you will achieve a significant increase in conversions and sales. 
  • The products of e-shops included in the FAVI Extra program will be favored in their positioning in the FAVI catalog and their sales will be boosted by that
  • You will gain a better understanding of the experience of your customer, and therefore be able to improve your services. 
  • Well-rated products will be given preferential treatment when communicated through our marketing channels. This is extremely valuable: we have a strong brand, great reach on social media, and close relationships with top influencers.




We offer 3 options for the implementation of the FAVI EXTRA service. The options below have a link to the implementation manual.

Contact your Account Manager first to get the tracking code and then implement the FAVI EXTRA service in one of the following options:

  1. Server-to-server integration (S2S)
  2. Integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  3. Direct integration of the FAVI script into your site (C2S)

If you have any questions about the implementation, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or country support, see Contacts.

Extension of Client Terms and Conditions

In the process of customer satisfaction surveys (customer reviews), personal data will be transferred to Favi a.s. Specifically, Favi a.s. will send a message to the customer via e-mail on behalf of the seller. For these cases, the GDPR requires the conclusion of a data processing agreement (between you and Favi a.s.), which is already part of the terms and conditions of our service. 

Furthermore, the current legal environment requires that when personal data is collected by the seller, the customer has the option to opt-out of receiving messages for the purpose of customer satisfaction surveys. For these reasons, we recommend implementing a check-box under the form used to collect personal data, ideally, through which the customer will be able to opt-out of such sending. Of course, the individual e-mail messages sent to customers will also contain the option to opt-out.

Within the text of the information obligation to be fulfilled when collecting customers' personal data according to Article 13 GDPR, the seller should add Favi a.s. as an additional recipient of this personal data. However, the GDPR also allows the recipients of personal data to be defined in a general way (only as general categories of recipients of personal data). It should therefore be sufficient to mention, for example, "entities providing customer satisfaction surveys" etc. within the text of the information obligation.

Finally, we remind you that customer satisfaction surveys may be a specific purpose for processing personal data, so the trader should comply with all the obligations set out in the GDPR in the same way as for other purposes of processing personal data.

If you need to modify or update your terms and conditions for customer experience survey purposes, please use our sample document*:

*This is a sample document; before using it, we recommend you consult a legal advisor who specializes in personal data protection.

Please note that the retailer’s information obligation that is fulfilled by this sample document is only one of the obligations set out by the GDPR with regard to the processing of personal data.

Please also note that the retailer’s obligations arising from the processing of personal data (under the GDPR) may differ depending on the actual conditions within the retailer’s business.

Placing the FAVI EXTRA badge on the website

You will receive the code for placing the FAVI EXTRA badge on your site from your Account Manager after successful implementation of the service. 

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Use and presentation of reviews

We collect reviews on both the products and the stores themselves.

The number of stars for products is displayed on the main page and the product reviews themselves can be seen by clicking on the details. We display both verbal and visual reviews. It is also possible to see who wrote the review, the date it was created and the name of the store through which the customer placed the order with a link to the landing page of that store on FAVI. 

All reviews are approved before publication. We do not approve reviews that:  

  • contain a verbal evaluation of the store's services instead of a specific product,
  • contain profanity, grammatical errors that make it impossible to read or are irrelevant,
  • contain personal information - for example: phone number, address or email,
  • indicate that the product has not yet arrived,
  • are likely to be fake or written by the shop/partner.

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For store reviews, we only display the visual side without a verbal rating. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid service? 

No, the service is and will be free. Its implementation does not even increase the price per click.

Where will the reviews be displayed? 

Specific product reviews will be displayed on the product detail page. On the product listing in the category, you will see that the product has already been awarded by a review. 

Is it possible to filter / sort rated products in the catalog?
Yes, products from stores that have the EXTRA SHOP service in place can already be filtered and sorted from the best rated. So it is much easier for the customer to find products that are already rated.

I already collect reviews through other sites, why should I collect reviews through FAVI? 

Within the FAVI EXTRA service, product reviews are particularly important, which will later play a role in the search, sorting but also, for example, additional promotion, and because FAVI is directly focused on furniture and home decoration, we believe that it makes sense to collect reviews through FAVI for this segment and improve the customer experience in the process of choosing furniture and decoration.

Will FAVI be sending out a review request on all products in our range? 

We only pair and send review requests for products that the client has listed on FAVI. Therefore, if you sell other products that are not listed on FAVI, requests will not be sent for those products. 

What are the conditions for processing the personal data of my customers that I provide to FAVI for the purpose of sending out review requests? 

The processing of personal data will only be for the purpose of providing a consumer satisfaction survey and therefore the data collected will not be used for other purposes. Within the form for completing the review, there will be a reference to the processing of personal data in connection with reviews, but also, for example, the possibility to opt-out of the questionnaire, in which case we will never send the request to such a customer again. Customers who do not respond to the review request will have their data completely deleted after 3 months.