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How to add logo FAVI to your shop page?

  1. Choose a color or black logos from options below,
  2. copy the code beside the selected logo, 
  3. fill in the code with the link to your offer on FAVI (to get the link, go to the website:
  4. Within the code edit last two red-marked patterns “Shopname.xx on FAVI.xx” and put the name of your shop, in the same form as the pattern is.
  5. Then the code is ready to be inserted to your shop page.
  6. It is possible to adjust the logo sizes if you change the values of “width” and “height” – it is necessary to keep the specified aspect ratio.


<a href=”https://www.favi.xx/products/shop/shopname” title=”Shopname.xx on FAVI.xx“><img src=”https://external.favionline.com/logo/logo-rectangle-color.svg” alt=”Shopname.xx on FAVI.xx” width=”100″ height=”47″></a>

<a href=”https://www.favi.xx/products/shop/shopname” title=”Shopname.xx on FAVI.xx“><img src=”https://external.favionline.com/logo/logo-rectangle-bw.svg” alt=”Shopname.xx on FAVI.xx” width=”100″ height=”47″></a>

How do I register a formal complaint?

If you have a formal complaint, on the basis of the provisions in point No. 9 within the Business Terms & Conditions, you may submit it through our internal complaint handling system. Point 9 applies to complaints concerning the following issues:

  1. alleged non-compliance by the Operator with any obligations laid down in Regulation 2019/1150 which affects the Client;
  2. technological issues which relate directly to the provision of the service, and which affect the Client;
  3. measures taken by, or behaviour of, the Operator which relate directly to the provision of the service, and which affect the Client.

To register such a complaint, please send an email with the subject line “TC9complaint” to the email address corresponding to your country. It will be dealt with as soon as possible.