How can I tell if the Google Analytics connection is faulty?

If you can see your FAVI revenue in your Google Analytics, but the statistics on your FAVI shop dashboard don’t show revenue next to your cost and you don’t see the value of PNO (or PNO is always 100%), you may have selected the wrong view when connecting. Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for help concerning how to edit your view.

If you don’t see revenue from your orders in Google Analytics, you may not have the Ecommerce module enabled, or you may not have properly set up the script to send data to Google Analytics. If you do not know the appropriate settings, see the conditions for correct settings.

If you have unusually high PNO on the FAVI shop dashboard and your conversions have low values, you are probably sending data in another currency. You can verify that your settings are correct in Google Analytics, at the path Admin > View Settings > Currency is displayed as and here you can specify the currency you want to see in your reports.