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Displaying products

How is the FAVI product order determined?

The order of products is based on the product´s score quality multiplied by the CPC (cost per click) set on your system.

Aspects that can can improve the product´s score quality include product CTR (clickthrough rate), product popularity among users, photo quality, product availability (in stock or delivery time), product marketability (in order for the system to have this information, the Google Analytics connection must be active in the shop dashboard).


How to improve the position of products in the FAVI catalogue?

You can easily increase your product position by setting a higher CPC. The quality component also affects the position of the product in the catalogue (see previous point). It is useful to include as much information and as many product images as possible in your XML feed.

Enabling automatic conversion optimization in the shop dashboard (Google Analytics connection) also helps improve your position, where well-sold products automatically increase their positions without the need to further increase your CPC.


What is the best way to influence FAVI product placement in categories and filters?

For the best categorization of products on FAVI categories, it is important to list the correct categories within the XML feed, which should be as specific as possible for each product. It is recommended to include the entire path with a category that better defines which set of products it contains – e.g. for bar stools it is appropriate to list the path Kitchen and dining room > Kitchen furniture > Bar stools.

Complete tree of categories are available here:

For products to be accurately listed in their appropriate filters, it is necessary to provide as much information as possible in the XML feed – in product description and parameters – i.e,  information on sizes, materials, colors and other specific features.


My product is not displayed on FAVI, even though it is in my XML feed. Why not?

If you can not find a product on the list in your shop dashboard under CPC settings > Bidding on individual products, check the product information in your XML feed. The most common reasons are:

  • the product has an inappropriate category (e.g. very general, not specific enough etc.)
  • the url address is not valid,
  • the product photo is too small or its url is not valid (typically as a result of using diacritics or spaces), 
  • the product photo contains an additional graphics such as watermarks, logos etc. and has been blocked by our administrators (see MAIN PICTURE element in XML feed requirements for more information).

If none of the above mentioned errors apply, please do not hesitate to send an email with more information about the problem to your account manager.


Where can I find the performance of individual categories and products from FAVI?

You can easily find category statistics in your Google Analytics because we submit a product category in utm_campaign. It is located in Google Analytics in Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns report. Filter FAVI here to see revenue for each category. If you have automatic conversion optimization enabled, you can find performance data for each category in your FAVI shop dashboard under Statistics > Categories.

To get data for each product, you need to follow these steps in your Google Analytics: Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance (you’ll see everything you’ve sold here). Next, you add a secondary source / medium dimension in this report. Then click on the advanced search box to the right and type in the filter list, include source / medium contains favi / cpc and click Apply. This will only show the products sold via FAVI.


How often does the FAVI system reload XML feeds?

XML feeds are reloaded three times per day.

In the event that you would like to update your data more often, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager. He or she will be able to adjust your account settings.


Why aren't all of my products displayed in the catalogue, even though all of the information is correct?

The FAVI system is set up to display only unique products. Duplicate products (in your own portfolio, or competing products from other shops) are merged based on image similarity and only one of them is displayed in the catalogue.

Usually, the variant which is visible in the catalogue is the product with the highest ranking.

Our system judges the ranking based on what is likely to be most suitable for the customer, and is based on quality factors and the CPC you set. Most typically, it will display the smallest, cheapest variant of the product (e.g. if a mattress is available in 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm, likely only the 140 cm mattress will be shown in the catalogue).


What can I do to display all product variants/sizes in the catalogue?

The only way to expand your portfolio is to send each color variant / size as a unique product with its own ITEM_ID, with other parameters fully specified, including a unique image that matches that variant / size.

If you do not have unique images available, it is best to send only those variants / sizes that match the available image.


How does FAVI’s CSS program work?

After clicking on a product listed via FAVI in the Google Shopping campaign, the visitor is always led directly to the client’s (e-shop) website. When joining the program, the client is charged at the CPC rate which is set for the product on the FAVI shop dashboard. Standard UTM FAVI parameters are added as part of the redirection.

In general, if a particular product of the client is displayed on different CSS programs, these listings are not considered to be competitors and this will not increase their CPC in Google Shopping (unless they advertise in Google Shopping through another Google CSS partner). Including an offer across multiple partners should not disadvantage or endanger the advertising of the client’s products in Google Shopping. The advantage of displaying the product across multiple CSS programs is that there is a higher chance of the product being displayed in a Google Shopping search compared to the products of your competitors.

All active products from the FAVI catalog can be advertised in our CSS program. At the moment, it is not possible for the client to influence which products will be offered within the CSS program.

The traffic from this source is very low in comparison with the total traffic brought from the catalog (approx. 5 – 10 %). More detailed statistics (accesses, conversions, etc.) are therefore not presently available in the FAVI shop dashboard.

If you do not want to display your products in our CSS program, you can pause the display in your Merchant Center as follows:
1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
2. Click the tools wrench icon, then choose Shopping ads setup under “Tools.”
3. There you should be able to log out of the CSS of a specific partner (by unchecking the checkbox).