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Campaign settings

The valid minimum CPCs are set at the level of each category, based on their overall performance and popularity. These prices can automatically decrease or increase to adapt to current market conditions and seasonality. This is to ensure optimal traffic. 

You can view the current minimum CPCs in the category overview for the country you are interested in and by going to your Partner dashboard > Costs per click > Bidding for categories.


Minimum CPC levels can automatically decrease indefinitely, however the increase is limited to a maximum of +20 %, within a period of 30 days. Changes may occur at different times for different categories. 


Automatically changing the minimum CPCs allows us to respond with more flexibility to current market conditions at individual category levels. Ideally, the resulting change will bring in the best traffic and, in case of market fluctuations, will maintain the most stable results.


How high should the price be set?

You should increase your CPC only gradually, ideally by a maximum of 20 – 30 % at a time. Once you’ve set a new bid, leave it for 2 – 3 weeks, periodically review your campaign performance impact, and if you’re happy with the results, continue raising your CPC bid. A more specific setting has more weight – if you increase the price per category and then set a different price for an individual product, the price set for that individual product is always used.

With price bids for categories, you can also see recommended bids that should drive traffic and are an indication that you haven’t set your bid too high. However, it is advised that you achieve the recommended prices only by gradual increase, especially if the value is many times higher than the currently set or minimum price.


Is it possible to set a daily/monthly spending limit?

You can not set a daily spending limit on FAVI. This is to prevent the possibility of your daily limit being reached in the middle of the day, and your products disappearing and failing to display in the evening when most conversions are made. It would also confuse visitors who found the product at FAVI during the day and could not see it in the evening.

Set up alerts for a value of monthly costs 

On the partner dashboard, we now offer the option of setting alerts when any amount of monthly costs is reached on your partner dashboard. The alert will be sent by e-mail to all users with access to the partner dashboard when 80% and 100% of the value of the set costs is reached. To set it up, simply go to https://favi.cz/prehled/


How can I tell if the Google Analytics connection is faulty?

If you can see your FAVI revenue in your Google Analytics, but the statistics on your FAVI shop dashboard don’t show revenue next to your cost and you don’t see the value of PNO (or PNO is always 100%), you may have selected the wrong view when connecting. Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for help concerning how to edit your view.

If you don’t see revenue from your orders in Google Analytics, you may not have the Ecommerce module enabled, or you may not have properly set up the script to send data to Google Analytics. If you do not know the appropriate settings, see the conditions for correct settings.

If you have unusually high PNO on the FAVI shop dashboard and your conversions have low values, you are probably sending data in another currency. You can verify that your settings are correct in Google Analytics, at the path Admin > View Settings > Currency is displayed as and here you can specify the currency you want to see in your reports.